Multimedia Creation Process

1. The Multimedia Educational Concept:
TechPubs developed its Courseware for use with multimedia systems. The courseware incorporates text, narration, color graphics, animation, simulation, and music. It can simulate various types of technical educational training. As students advance through the subject matter, by quiz and feedback, they can also interact and alter processes to discover their underlying principles. Detailed illustrations and explanations complement the students' actions - transforming the learning experience into an individualized adventure. The computer, as a source of knowledge, enables students to learn at their own pace and at their own proficiency level. In addition, each courseware module incorporates relevant material from other well-known sources.

2. Various Users:
TechPubs designed its courseware with the understanding that study methods can vary considerably from one user to another. The modular concept enables the instructor to tailor a course of study to the user's specific needs. This system introduces each subject in a way that enables the user to study in accordance with his personal background and fields of interest. Thus, for instance, the TechPubs Biology, Botany and Agriculture Courseware can meet the needs of a broad range of users, including agricultural training centers, colleges, universities, high schools, experienced farmers, extension services, and supply and equipment vendors.

3. Interactivity:
TechPubs developed its courseware with students in mind. The courseware enables students to work interactively with the computer, using routines that are user friendly and easy to learn. Students learn the material through a variety of activities, such as simulations and animations. After each activity, students take an appropriate quiz and get feedback on their performance. To facilitate operation, each courseware module includes online Help, with operating instructions on every screen. Our courseware also includes tutorials in CD and textbook form.

4. Modularity:
TechPubs divided the broad range of subject matter courseware into BUILDING BLOCKS or modules. These modules contain bi-level formatting to accommodate differences, if any, between middle and high school students and between college and university students. Educators and distributors may purchase the full set of modules - about a dozen CDs with textbook - or they may combine several modules to design a course of study suited to their specific needs and areas of interest. The flexibility and adaptability of this modular system constitute additional advantages to all who use it.

Courseware Process Development:
  • Meeting with customers for need specifications.
  • Indicate subject matter.
  • Student evaluation method definition.
  • Planning the project.
  • Definition of interactivity.
  • Instruction design and storyboard.
  • Creation and writing of script (text, voice, music photos, animation, simulation) on time line.
  • Creation of Pilot for Quality Assurance.
  • Customer review and remarks.
  • Correction of customer remarks and final Quality Assurance.
  • Delivery of final product.



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