Translation Services

    When you select TechPubs to handle your translations, we will use a process that has been refined and streamlined over the years to produce translations that are done quickly and effectively, ensuring high quality and standards at all times. Our technical writers and translators are engineers or technicians in the relevant subject.
    TechPubs carefully assigns teams of technical and language professionals (mostly engineers or technicians) to meet your specific needs. Our project managers work closely with you to ensure that the language, cultural, localization, and technical expertise required for the successful completion of your project are met properly.
    Our dedicated localization teams consist of experienced technologists, native translators, terminologists, all experienced in weights, measures, temperatures and cultural references. The teams will work to deliver your documentation on time and within budget.
    Once your project is completed, TechPubs can deliver your documents as hard copy, camera-ready art or electronic files -- fully galley-proofed or printed.

Translation Work Process

  • Receipt of materials
  • Reading the material by the technical translator for comprehension and orientation
  • Preparing the end-user's glossary and developing rules for localization (Culture, Weights, Sizes, Temperatures, etc.)
  • Translating into the targeted language using the above rules
  • Scanning of drawings & graphics; entering the translated terms into the graphics or drawings
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Quality assurance by another technical writer for technical accuracy
  • Preparing the first draft for customer review
  • Implementing customer remarks on the first draft
  • Preparing camera-ready copy
  • Final Technical Quality Assurance (TQA)
  • Final Format Quality Assurance (FQA)


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